Sunday, April 26, 2009

Don't Blink

Dusting off my Adobe skills yesterday, I created a new header for my site. What do you think?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Previous Adventures

Learning my way around blog land I just had to add photos to my site. Hope you enjoy seeing pictures from my Amazing Plein Air Workshop in Nevada with famous painter Jean LeGassick. If you enjoy painting outdoors I highly recommend taking a class with Jean.

Check out her website she is offering another workshop this May in Pueblo, Colorado.

I do not have a bulging tummy that's my Fannie pack around my waist.

The Musketeers with Jean. Jenny Dawn, Jean, Karen and Janice

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Adventurous Art Teacher

Plein-Air Painting w/ Jean LeGassick Virgina City, Nevada

Last week my friend, our school librarian, gave me a copy of the magazine “Artful Blogging.” While reading, I discovered a useful form of communication and technology my high school art students could benefit from. In today’s world, students need to think global. They need to develop design concepts along with writing skills to express their thoughts and ideas effectively. Creating a blog appears to be the perfect medium to engage them.
It didn’t take long to read the magazine cover to cover. I could hardly contain my excitement. “Artful Blogging” is about sharing ideas with artists all around the world. That’s what I love most about teaching, the sharing of ideas and techniques with students. I want to be a part of this creative community on line that would keep me inspired and reaching for my artistic goals. My students could also participate. This is a wonderful teaching tool for all of us. The objective for the lesson, Don’t ever give up on learning by trying something new.
During the past year I have made an effort to push myself creatively and professionally. Now I have discovered a useful tool to describe my artistic adventures. In September I traveled out West to study Plein-Air painting with artist, Jean LeGassick. I entered my artwork in two art shows, one of which was juried, and even placed my first advertisement promoting the fact I paint portraits. Today I am putting my thoughts and artwork on the web hoping to interact with artist’s I’ve never met… Another step in my art journey.


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