Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hanging our New Art Show "East Meets West"

 Drop off day at the I-Square Visions Gallery.
 This is the first time  Eastridge High School and Irondequoit High School art students and their teachers are having a collaborative exhibition.We are all so excited... The work looks GREAT!
Courtney and Zanne with the help of  the teachers start organizing things.
Well it was really Courtney and Zanne that organized. ;))

 After getting our directions Carolyn and I started hanging art work.

 Sue Jacobs was working alone and put Carolyn and I to shame. Her wall was finished first!

 Sneak peak at Mrs. Spaker's students work. The black/White drawings are Mrs. Spakers.

Another sneak peak.  Carolyn and I hung this wall.. Did I mention my fingers hurt from all those push pins.

The show runs from Monday, April 2nd - Thursday, April 26th 2012. Opening reception will be Friday, April 20th 7pm-9pm after spring break. "LIKE" us on:
I almost forgot!!! A few of our fabulous music students will be performing for us on opening night. Hope to see you there. More photos to come after the opening...

Saturday, March 3, 2012


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