Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stages of an Expressive & Intuitive Painting

What is Expressive / Intuitive painting some might ask? 
It is a style of painting that relies on you listening to your own intuitive voice. It should guide you along on the the process of making art while painting. In a prefect world is should help you choose colors, shapes and mark marking that will result in a painting that is unique to you.  As an Art teacher I believe knowledge of the Elements of Art:( Line, Shape, Form, Value, Space, Color and Texture,) and the Principles of Design: (Balance, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, Rhythm and Movement,and  Unity,)  are essential as well in understand the aesteadics of what makes a good painting.

 I recently took an on-line course on this very topic. It was was fun and very informative. I did however read a comment left by one of the students asking how the teacher knew when to change  the size of a shape or color to  make such a difference in the final appearance in her art work. The answer was that the teacher used her knowledge of the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. For a bit of fun I thought I would share my experience with creating an Expressive / Intuitive painting.  A piece of cake for me you might might say. Not really, but I thought I would help you by describing my thoughts by explaining how the Elements and Principles planned a part in my decision making as I try to create an expressive & intuitive painting.

  I'm ready to start, got my canvas (24x30), all my brushes, acrylic paint, water, spray bottle  towels... just throw down some paint you say?  Well yes that is the idea but I actual did think about how I would start. I've been working with watercolor for so long I decide to thin out the acrylic paint  so it would feel something like water color, and to limited my colors.  When did I know to stop? The painting became so wet that I had to walk away an let it dry or things would have gotten muddy
Overall it was a good start. The painting showed depth (pale yellow under the dripping lavender, Contrast from light and dark colors and a large shape for Emphasis. These are The Elements and Principles working.

  Day 2:  The goal was Mark Making... and don't ask about the major color change, I have no clue but its pretty blue, and looks awful.But it did have some interesting  lines shapes.

  Day 3: OK lets get some of that green back in the picture and remember to keep some of the mark making.

Day 4: Wow This was a big change. My goal was to warm it up. I've added orange, and its looking better. It still has a lot of energy from the complementary colors and from the variety of lines and shapes. But what am I going to do with that big large orange spot? I'm listening but that little voice isn't telling me what to do.

 Day 5: Well the large orange spot is gone. I tried adding cooler colors to calm down the painting. It still has a lot of energy which I like, but is it done? Good question so maybe rotating the canvas around will help me answer that thought.

Well this looks fun, reminds me of Christmas. But is it finished? 
No something has to be added to the now large blue green space.

So  I'm going to play and just keep working on it and see what happens.
More to come.
~ karen

Friday, August 5, 2016

Stages of a Playful Watercolor Landscape

I always start with a quick watercolor in my sketchbook.

 I got carried away with the sky in the sketchbook

 Very stylized but I'm liking the effect.

 I always play around with my mark marking in my sketchbook, before adding the final details to the painting.

Feeling a bit rusty but at least I'm in the studio;)

Have a nice weekend. ~ karen

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back in the Studio

It has been a long time since I've written on my blog, or felt like working in my studio. This past year was full of major stresses that I won't get into to, but I'm happy to say my creative mojo has returned!

Coming up next is a watercolor landscape;)


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