Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Week of Drawing...

This past week instead of using my pen when sketching I used a #2 pencil and glazed over the drawing with watercolor. Much more labor intensive. Eight days left with my students. Most of their final projects are completed and I'm happy to say the students are still sketching and having fun. Lady Gaga has a new cd out and it's become the music of choice in the studio. My drawing 2 girls have been singing their hearts out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sketchbook Drawings for May

Can you tell I'm making up for lost time. The past couple of months I've had a hard time getting anything creative finished. The dreary weather really put a damper on my mood and most of the time you could find me watching movies, eating, sleeping or reading a good book.
Finally the sun has started to shine and my students are all busy working on their final exam projects in class, which means they don't ask for help just materials. So I've been taking advantage of this by catching up on my sketchbook drawing. I just look around the room and grab the first thing I see. First, it was a white feather, plastic leaves, hand sanitizer, and then shells. Tomorrow, I'll grab old paint brushes and maybe a few old paint tubes. I'm always hearing that there is nothing interesting to paint. I'll show them! Hehehe

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visting Puppy For The Summer

My son, Gian-Patrick came home from college with an American Staffordshire Terrier. Yes the common name is Pit Bull.

Meet Tiko... He's a very sweet four month that's getting ready to meet the master of the house.

He's seems to have taken an interest in Lync's soccer ball.

We think Lync is laying down the law about playing soccer with him.

Rule #1 Lync always gets the ball first.
Poor Tiko, you can just hear him saying,"Please let me get the ball, I promise to give it back"

Lync has managed to tire the little guy out.

We think Lync is going to play nice now. The puppy is getting excited.

Right like that was going to happen.
Lync did give Tiko a correction. Tiko kept stealing Lync's chewy. Finally Lync had had enough. We heard a yelp and Tiko came running into the kitchen. I swear Lync was smiling in the living room chewing on Tiko's bone. haha

Both doggies slept very well last night.

Rochester Celebrates it's Lilacs

LinkRochester, New York is know as the "Flour City", but for the past two weeks the Flour changes into Flower City. Rochester's Lilac Festival welcomes visitors from all over the world to see our collection of lilacs. There are 500 varieties of lilacs in Highland park, 1200 plus lilac brushes. Did you know that Martha Stewart even has a lilac brush named after her here? Luciano and I searched and searched for it but were unable to find it. Maybe we should have asked for a map.

All the lilacs are tagged and labeled. We discovered this romantic one. Can you image having a lilac that honors your marriage and honeymoon?

Not the best picture of me, but Luc thought I fit right in.

Luciano couldn't resist hamming it up inside this old tree that had been struck by lightning.

There were so many people standing by the lilac brushes having there pictures taken. This little one called out to Luciano. It seems no one wanted a picture standing next to it.

Mothers Day & Jessie's Graduation

My daughter Jessie and her guy Dustin. Jessie graduated from Nazareth college May, 8th with a Masters in Education, and Dustin graduated with a Masters in Engineering this past Friday from Rochester Institute in Technology.

Proud Jessie with her brothers Luciano.

My favorite picture... very proud dad.

My glamorous photo. It's amazing what a little wind will do.

Later that same day we celebrated both Jessie's graduation and Mother's day with a delicious dinner. They only one missing was my oldest son, Gian who was still at college.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bees Bees They are Every Where

With Spring upon us and school coming to a close I haven't had a lot of time in the studio. I've got lots of starts, but this is the first project finished. My brain is just humming...

This is my contribution to saving the bees. Stamps on paper, hand colored, than glazed over with bees wax. It smell yummy.

Here is a wonderful website about "The Vanishing Bees", and a trailer for a movie about saving the Bee's entitled "Queen of the Sun". Hope you enjoy.


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