Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Week of Drawing...

This past week instead of using my pen when sketching I used a #2 pencil and glazed over the drawing with watercolor. Much more labor intensive. Eight days left with my students. Most of their final projects are completed and I'm happy to say the students are still sketching and having fun. Lady Gaga has a new cd out and it's become the music of choice in the studio. My drawing 2 girls have been singing their hearts out.


  1. I fell for the third one down.

  2. There is no substitute for good old fashioned observational drawing. Not sure I know much about Lady Gaga but you paint a nice picture.

  3. you had me at the first one, I just wanted to get my pencil out. Your class must be fun and productive,

  4. Your drawings are fantastic! I love seeing your sketchbook!



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