Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rochester Celebrates it's Lilacs

LinkRochester, New York is know as the "Flour City", but for the past two weeks the Flour changes into Flower City. Rochester's Lilac Festival welcomes visitors from all over the world to see our collection of lilacs. There are 500 varieties of lilacs in Highland park, 1200 plus lilac brushes. Did you know that Martha Stewart even has a lilac brush named after her here? Luciano and I searched and searched for it but were unable to find it. Maybe we should have asked for a map.

All the lilacs are tagged and labeled. We discovered this romantic one. Can you image having a lilac that honors your marriage and honeymoon?

Not the best picture of me, but Luc thought I fit right in.

Luciano couldn't resist hamming it up inside this old tree that had been struck by lightning.

There were so many people standing by the lilac brushes having there pictures taken. This little one called out to Luciano. It seems no one wanted a picture standing next to it.


  1. Oh, I love lilacs! I wish the wonderful smell of these bushes was part of the pictures! It looks like a great day.

  2. Wow, such beautiful lilacs! LOVE the smell of them. Ours are just starting to bloom here. :) And what a fun pic of Luciano in the tree. Hee Hee



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