Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Sketches; More of Linwood Gardens

The Gateway

 One nice thing about getting a new computer with mega amounts of memory is that I was able to upload years of photograph memories. Years ago I spent the day with a couple of my artist girlfriends at Linwood Gardens in upstate New York. The old and very lovely estate is open to the public for a reasonable fee to wonder around the gardens and dream about what it must have been like years ago in its hay day. You can go here to read more about Linwood Garden and its history. I took so many pictures that day and have been having fun looking through them choosing different photos to create little (7 x 10") watercolor sketches. I remember at the time when I took this photo I was to scared to try painting this gateway.  There was to many things going on and I wasn't sure where to start. I'm here to confirm the statement that every art teacher tells you... Keep your subject matter simple at first, practice everyday and you'll be surprised that one day you'll look at something you never thought you could paint and you'll know just how to break everything down and painted it.

Have a wonderful day, and never stop painting and taking reference photos along the way ;) 

~ Karen


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