Saturday, February 22, 2014

My New Adonit Touch 4 Stylus!

Yesterday my new adonet Touch 4 stylus arrive in the mail, and I've been playing with it all day using the Paper 53 app. The first couple of drawings were nice, a simple tulip arrangement, a quick sketch of a friends dog and then I went WILD. I used a close up photograph of a tulip arrangement and decided to abstract it for the next drawing. I had so much fun and just LOVE the final piece.

Spring Tulips
Maggie for Jill
The inspiration

Abstraction / Paper 53 app
  The stylus is fabulous.... The vareation in line quality was beautiful in the sketch. I wish I had a larger screen to work on. I love the paper 53 app but it does have its problems. You can't save your work before closing the page and sometimes when you swipe the page it left marks that I didn't want and you can't erase without taking everything off. I'd love to make prints. Does anyone know how to go about this? Please leave a comment if you do.

Sincerely,  Karen

Friday, February 21, 2014

My First Fun iPad Air Video

Had fun this morning creating this short video promoting my  International Baccalaureate( IB) Visual Art program. I edited 2 video clips, added a photo, type and music. Can't wait for Abbie to see.

 "An Eye for an Eye"

Abbie's global theme for the past 2 years has dealt with murder or the death of children
This piece was created when she researched the death penalty in the United States and compared it with  policies and beliefs in other countries.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


In November I attended a training workshop about the "Advancement via Individual Determination" (AVID.)  It is an educational program originally aimed at students who would be the first in their family to go to college. AVID's success at raising student achievement has attracted widespread admiration and adaptation of its methods. The program focuses on philosophy, how to take notes in class (Cornell Notes,) as well as details on how to study, how to organize yourself and much more.
The East Irondequoit School District where I work is achieving national recognition for its success with the program. I was asked to incorporate the program into the Art Curriculum. Later as I was searching the internet I found a YouTube video from TEDxUFM "Drawing in class" presented by Rachel Smith. The video addressed the need for visual learners to incorporate drawing while taking notes, and I thought of AVID and Cornell Notes, and how this might be a positive method for Art teachers to encourage the visual learner to use drawing skills to improve their understanding and ability to take better notes. The speaker also recommended the book, "Sketchnote Handbook" by Mike Rohde, he uses simple drawings to reinforce his ideas. Yesterday, I read the book, and took "Sketchnotes" to outline strategies. Once I prepared my own strategy and had written-up my proposal, it was formally approved by both the High School AVID Coordinator and our Principal. Finally, my initiative was approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.
Reading and taking notes.

Incorporating art notes

                                                                     I think this is going to work out!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Introduction to Drawing 2 Class

First day of the second Semester. I introduced  Choice Base Curriculum to my Drawing 2 students.The applause could be heard down the hall.  They would get the choice of what they drew but I would determine the objectives,  time frame and the medium they would use. It was going very well until I opened my  International Baccalaureate (IB) Sketchbook as an example and saw panic in a few eyes.

 My  Investigation Work Book (IWB)
 Artist Research with drawing and short reflection.
 Artist Research with small thumbnail and short reflection.
 Experimentation with Watercolor.
Art Opening at a local Gallery with pen and ink experimentation.

 The students must  research an Artist that worked in the medium I selected. For their first project they could use either Chalk or oil pastel. The art work must inspire them and they would have to tell me why in their sketchbook. Their next step would be to create a drawing that was their own but showed influence from their artists selection. They would explain their plan and sketch up a few Thumbnail designs for approval. Reflect daily in their sketchbook and document their process using cell phone photos. We would have a mid way critique and on the Final due date they would give a presentation on their artist and their work to the class. I heard a few grumbles but most of the students ran into the computer room to start researching.

Here is one of the students sketchbooks.

So far so good. I displayed a few visuals around the room and over the weekend using my iPad made several videos demonstrating techniques in both chalk and oil pastels.

 You can view those Here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Choice Base Education using an iPad in the Art room

Starting a new adventure in my Art room, inviting all Art Teachers to join the Fun and share our experiences!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Student Art By Olivia

"Sacred Cows " is about Hinduism.
"The Rise" is about a cult in Uganda.
"Gas Mask" is a piece about the children soldiers in the Iran-Irag War
"The Burning" a piece about the burning time in Europe when women were tried as Witches.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Art program has helped me develop into the artist I am today. When I started the program last year we were encouraged to come up with a theme that could be used to compare and contrast different cultures globally. We researched current events in different countries, major artists, art styles, attended Art Shows and visited galleries. We experimented with different art mediums, and learned how to create artworks that visually told our story.  My theme was Religion and studied its influence on civilizations throughout history and how it still does today. 
 I completed 14 pieces of art over two years.The art work shown above are 4 of Mrs.Maggio and my favorites.
The (IB) Art program has had a profound affect on my artistic abilities. I feel that my overall technique has gotten better and I can see significant growth in my artwork. I have also gained confidence in myself as an artist and plan on attending college next year to study Illustration.




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