Sunday, February 2, 2014

Student Art By Olivia

"Sacred Cows " is about Hinduism.
"The Rise" is about a cult in Uganda.
"Gas Mask" is a piece about the children soldiers in the Iran-Irag War
"The Burning" a piece about the burning time in Europe when women were tried as Witches.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Art program has helped me develop into the artist I am today. When I started the program last year we were encouraged to come up with a theme that could be used to compare and contrast different cultures globally. We researched current events in different countries, major artists, art styles, attended Art Shows and visited galleries. We experimented with different art mediums, and learned how to create artworks that visually told our story.  My theme was Religion and studied its influence on civilizations throughout history and how it still does today. 
 I completed 14 pieces of art over two years.The art work shown above are 4 of Mrs.Maggio and my favorites.
The (IB) Art program has had a profound affect on my artistic abilities. I feel that my overall technique has gotten better and I can see significant growth in my artwork. I have also gained confidence in myself as an artist and plan on attending college next year to study Illustration.



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