Tuesday, February 18, 2014


In November I attended a training workshop about the "Advancement via Individual Determination" (AVID.)  It is an educational program originally aimed at students who would be the first in their family to go to college. AVID's success at raising student achievement has attracted widespread admiration and adaptation of its methods. The program focuses on philosophy, how to take notes in class (Cornell Notes,) as well as details on how to study, how to organize yourself and much more.
The East Irondequoit School District where I work is achieving national recognition for its success with the program. I was asked to incorporate the program into the Art Curriculum. Later as I was searching the internet I found a YouTube video from TEDxUFM "Drawing in class" presented by Rachel Smith. The video addressed the need for visual learners to incorporate drawing while taking notes, and I thought of AVID and Cornell Notes, and how this might be a positive method for Art teachers to encourage the visual learner to use drawing skills to improve their understanding and ability to take better notes. The speaker also recommended the book, "Sketchnote Handbook" by Mike Rohde, he uses simple drawings to reinforce his ideas. Yesterday, I read the book, and took "Sketchnotes" to outline strategies. Once I prepared my own strategy and had written-up my proposal, it was formally approved by both the High School AVID Coordinator and our Principal. Finally, my initiative was approved by the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.
Reading and taking notes.

Incorporating art notes

                                                                     I think this is going to work out!!!

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