Sunday, October 26, 2014

Smitten with a Side Walk Crack Illustration

 It all started when I uploaded a photograph taken by Carla Sonheim of a side walk crack. Her challenge was to look at the photograph,  turning it all around until you saw an image.The next step was to sketch out what you saw and transfer it to watercolor paper. After transferring the image it was our job to create a drawing / illustration.

If your wondering if everyone saw the same image the answer is no. I gave a copy of the photograph to another art teacher and one of my students and we all had different drawings. How fun was that?

I've included this post with Alexandria's Sunday Sketches, follow the link to see what other artists have to share this week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sketchs

 The Love of Succulents

 Top left is a Pachyveria hybrid, Center are the very cute Stone Faces, and on the right is a Split Rock.

So excited to finally have an illustration for "Sunday Sketches." Its taken me a couple weeks to get a head of the Sunday deadline. As many art teachers know once classes start in September your so busy setting up your classes for new students there is no time to work on your own art work.  Thank goodness we had  Columbus day off, I was able to finish two watercolor illustrations! Love both of them  it was so hard not to post each one, but had to make sure I had something to share for next Sunday.
Yesterday I started something new and  hopeful I'll have something to exhibit with the group in three weeks. 
Hope you enjoy and can't wait to see what the others have posted today.

See you next week,  Karen


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