Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jessie's Birthday Present

St. James Park
London, England

Two years ago our daughter, Jessie spent a few weeks in Cambridge, England. She fell in love with the UK, and took over 500 pictures of the beautiful landscape and historical architecture.
At that time she gave me several of her favorite pictures, and asked me to paint one for her birthday. I started a traditional Plein Air style oil painting but my heart wasn't into it.
Last week she turned twenty three. I'm happy to say the painting is finished but its a much more playful version than the original oil.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rochesters International Women's Day

Jamie Columbus, Chair of RIWD "Rochester International Women's Day"
with committee member, Nancy Gong.

Good friend and Stain Glass artist, Nancy Gong.
Nancy was presenting gifts to those who purchased raffle tickets.

Trinity Montessori Children's Chorus.
Notice all the lovely hats. This year it was asked that all those participating in the event design and wear a hat to symbolizing strength and unity among women.

Phoenix Dance Studio celebrating women from Mongolia.
I just loved their costumes.

Lovely young ladies with the Bollywood Indian Children's Dancers.

This was a free treat, and I had to partake in the festivities.

New girlfriends, designer Jill Stoltz, Massage Therapist, Michelle Olsowsky, and me.

An amazing collection from Stacey Millers travels around the world. Check out her website for more information about the Hats and Headdresses at Hat Horizons.

This was an amazing event to honor and celebrate women around the world! It became official yesterday, March 7th will always be the day to celebrate Women in Rochester. We danced, sang to the goddesses, shared a universal blessing and came together in unity as women in the Rochester community.
Thank you so much Nancy for inviting me.
To all my blogger friends, I look forward to seeing what's happening in your communities to celebrate Women in the month of March.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Arena Art Group Spring Show

Standing in front of Courtney's painting, Courtney Gruttadauria, Karen and Zanne Brunner.
Courtney, I forgot to take pictures of just your paintings.
I owe you girlfriend.

Courtney and Zanne

One of Zanne's paintings in the show.

Elizabeth Barry and Zanne standing in front of their work.
It was a pleasure meeting you Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's painting is on the left and Zanne's on the right.
Just love the work ladies..

Peter Macon in front of his work.
Peter is the Arena Art Group chair. We just met that night and he was a delightful host. Peter is a sculpture artist, in the Rochester area.

Thursday evening my Kimono girlfriend, Zanne invited me to the opening reception for the Arena Art Group, Spring Show.
The show can be found in Mount Morris, New York at the Apartment One Livingston Art Center.
Its about a 45 minute drive from Rochester and well worth the visit.
The shows is up until May 15, 2010.
I had a wonderful time viewing the art work, and meeting some of the artists in the show.
Zanne and Courtney are long time friends, amazing artists and Co-Chairs for the group.
Thanks for inviting me!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazy Man

Your Acorn crazy miss, Crazy Man or Mad Crazy are just a few of the things my students have said when they saw me working on this graffiti painting.
The painting was started a couple of weeks ago and this week I finally had a few ideas to finish it. This time I thought it might be fun to include my students in the process. Everyone had opinions and suggestion. We've had lots of fun! I went crazy with it, adding to many things and then painted over some of it and started again. Everyone had advice, and I enjoyed hearing what the students thought might work. I was impressed and proud how they explained there ideas.
For now we think its done, but I think it might need a little writing over that blue sky. Something documenting our collaborate effort.


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