Monday, March 8, 2010

Rochesters International Women's Day

Jamie Columbus, Chair of RIWD "Rochester International Women's Day"
with committee member, Nancy Gong.

Good friend and Stain Glass artist, Nancy Gong.
Nancy was presenting gifts to those who purchased raffle tickets.

Trinity Montessori Children's Chorus.
Notice all the lovely hats. This year it was asked that all those participating in the event design and wear a hat to symbolizing strength and unity among women.

Phoenix Dance Studio celebrating women from Mongolia.
I just loved their costumes.

Lovely young ladies with the Bollywood Indian Children's Dancers.

This was a free treat, and I had to partake in the festivities.

New girlfriends, designer Jill Stoltz, Massage Therapist, Michelle Olsowsky, and me.

An amazing collection from Stacey Millers travels around the world. Check out her website for more information about the Hats and Headdresses at Hat Horizons.

This was an amazing event to honor and celebrate women around the world! It became official yesterday, March 7th will always be the day to celebrate Women in Rochester. We danced, sang to the goddesses, shared a universal blessing and came together in unity as women in the Rochester community.
Thank you so much Nancy for inviting me.
To all my blogger friends, I look forward to seeing what's happening in your communities to celebrate Women in the month of March.


  1. Karen,
    What a great event! I love how all ages of 'women' are included and the idea of hats is brilliant!

    My girlfriend and I are taking a Bollywood dance class :)

  2. it looks like you had a fun day, I love the costumes.

  3. what a celebration! -- so inspiring;)

  4. Dear Karen, I love the dancers here, the colors the hats (!) and the whole celebration. You have inspired me this morning. I will have to look at all of this again... sending wishes for a beautiful saturday to you... roxanne



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