Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazy Man

Your Acorn crazy miss, Crazy Man or Mad Crazy are just a few of the things my students have said when they saw me working on this graffiti painting.
The painting was started a couple of weeks ago and this week I finally had a few ideas to finish it. This time I thought it might be fun to include my students in the process. Everyone had opinions and suggestion. We've had lots of fun! I went crazy with it, adding to many things and then painted over some of it and started again. Everyone had advice, and I enjoyed hearing what the students thought might work. I was impressed and proud how they explained there ideas.
For now we think its done, but I think it might need a little writing over that blue sky. Something documenting our collaborate effort.


  1. I love that you include your students and their input!

  2. I very much like these spring paintings! Love that you put big sheets of paper on the walls. Just bought a roll of red rosin paper, you have inspired me to tack it up and play!

  3. This is wonderful, especially the way you got your students involved. Have a great weekend! roxanne



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