Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What to do, What to do...

 My summer break has begun and just like every summer, my head is spinning with ideas for all the things I could do. So what's the first thing I do? Make a list of course. If I don't make a list I might forget, especially during those lazy days when I just can't seem to get myself motivated.
Number one on the list, sketch daily. Next on the list would be to exercise daily, use my 5 free yoga passes, then check out books at the library on making Improvisational quilts, work in my gardens, call my girlfriends and make plans to get together, and most importantly, relax and remember to enjoy the moment.

 Over the weekend I made a test stripe of all the colors in a new box of "Derwent-Graphitint" water solvable pencils. I got an idea over at Design Matters TV on using watercolor pencils on fabric. Can't wait to try it!

Sketch using the the Derwent-Graphitint pencils. Let the summer fun begin!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

See Anyone You Know?

 It's official, I am a new member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates.) I'm in the back about nine over from the left.
 What a great group of women! I'm so glad I joined. We met today at The Gate House Cafe. Jeanne Simpson and Pat Pauly, our representatives welcomed us. They Updated everyone with the latest news and exhibitions.  Next was a brief introductory show and tell by all the members. Our limit was 2 minutes. Yours truly was the first to go over and the 2 minute timer went off. My excuse was that I was a teacher, everyone knows teachers talk to much. At least that's what my students tell me. Haha.

 A quick questionnaire to fill out and than we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

 After lunch it was off to view the "Paralla" exhibit at the Booksmart Studio. This time I had my camera. As you can see we were all busy taking pictures of the quilts and each other.

"Stills from a Life" by  Dominie Nash
 "Mummy Bags/Canopic Jars" by Pat Pauly

"An Island/ A pond" by Dorothy Caldwell

If your in the Rochester area make sure you stop over to the Booksmart Studio and see all the beautiful quilts.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quilts,Ouilts and more Quilts

The first Friday of the month in Rochester is Gallery Night. Many galleries are open featuring a wide range of very talented artists; however this month many Rochester galleries are spot-lighting Fiber Art. Many of you know I have been experimenting with textiles and couldn't wait to visit the Booksmart Studio's "Kustler gallery." The Kustler Gallery featured "Parallax" an exhibition of nineteen contemporary art quilters. To say I was excited to see the show would be an understatement. We even left the house without a camera. Thank goodness my husband, Chris had his cell phone.

The good teacher that I am busy taking notes to share with my students. The quilt I'm writing about is "Making her Exit" by Pamela Allen, a wonderful artist from Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting her and artist Marcia DeCamp, who's work is pictured below. Both ladies were a delight. I only wish I had asked my husband to get a picture of us together.

Marcia DeCamp's quilts

LinkSaturday I was off to see my first "Quilt Festival" hosted by the Genesee Valley Quilt Club at Rochester Institute of Technology's, Gordon Field House.
The night before, Pamela and Marcia told me to look for artist, Pat Pauly. Pat is also a fiber artist and was the curator for "Parallax."I have never seen so many quilts and quilters in one place before. I was so lucky to find Pat's booth and introduced myself to her. Pat was very gracious and encouraged me to join "SAQA" Studio Art Quiters Associates. She and Marica DeCamp are involved in our area, and told me of an upcoming event for members. I heard myself say, but I'm just a beginner, and her reply to me was "we all started as beginners."

One of Pat Pauly's quilts.

Marcia DeCamp.

Pink Leaf, by Pat Pauly

Quilts, quilts and more quilts.

The following quilts are part of SAQA exhibit called "No Place To Call Home." A juried exhibit showcasing the diversity of styles, methods, and processes by professional artist members around the world. I'm sorry to say I didn't record all the artist names.

This piece was so cool by Linda Field. She scattered small clippings of fabric around the tree, then overlaid w/tulle, and finished with free motion stitching. It took a first place ribbon.

This quilt reminded me of my students and their love of Bob Marley.

What a wonderful weekend. I saw in creditable art, and met inspiring artists. Maybe I'll get brave and join SAQA. I'm always telling my students to surround themselves with artists that are stronger than they are. It's truly the only way to grow as an artist.


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