Saturday, June 11, 2011

See Anyone You Know?

 It's official, I am a new member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates.) I'm in the back about nine over from the left.
 What a great group of women! I'm so glad I joined. We met today at The Gate House Cafe. Jeanne Simpson and Pat Pauly, our representatives welcomed us. They Updated everyone with the latest news and exhibitions.  Next was a brief introductory show and tell by all the members. Our limit was 2 minutes. Yours truly was the first to go over and the 2 minute timer went off. My excuse was that I was a teacher, everyone knows teachers talk to much. At least that's what my students tell me. Haha.

 A quick questionnaire to fill out and than we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

 After lunch it was off to view the "Paralla" exhibit at the Booksmart Studio. This time I had my camera. As you can see we were all busy taking pictures of the quilts and each other.

"Stills from a Life" by  Dominie Nash
 "Mummy Bags/Canopic Jars" by Pat Pauly

"An Island/ A pond" by Dorothy Caldwell

If your in the Rochester area make sure you stop over to the Booksmart Studio and see all the beautiful quilts.


  1. no way!! you quilt too!! Looks like a great group of women!

  2. You do cover all of the bases, don't you? How awesome!


  3. Oh my, all the artwork, the quilts, are beautiful! Priscilla Kibbee's leaves are amazing - how did she do that out of fabric???!!! And Pat Pauly's piece is so vibrant! Now I want to see your fabric/quilt artwork!



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