Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last Day of Class Fun

 Angie was the first to leave...

 Samantha wanted to Collaborate on a painting with me. I painted the black lines.

 Samantha starting the color with oil pastel.

 The final work.
 Elif, Samantha and Courtney

The classroom just about cleaned up. See you next year...

Final Abstrate Work by my Students

 Small works by Angie. Painting 1. 
Just love the color and energy!

 Painting 2. by Angie

 Painting 3 by Angie

 Paintings by Samantha.  This was very large on brown paper. 
I think it looks my puppy, Minnie Driver. 
She visited the classroom.

 Painting 2 by Samantha.

 Just loved this mix media piece by Abagail

 Unfinished work by Jennifer. Loved the playfulness and colors.

Painting by Robert. What energy!! So glad you finished this!


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