Saturday, February 22, 2014

My New Adonit Touch 4 Stylus!

Yesterday my new adonet Touch 4 stylus arrive in the mail, and I've been playing with it all day using the Paper 53 app. The first couple of drawings were nice, a simple tulip arrangement, a quick sketch of a friends dog and then I went WILD. I used a close up photograph of a tulip arrangement and decided to abstract it for the next drawing. I had so much fun and just LOVE the final piece.

Spring Tulips
Maggie for Jill
The inspiration

Abstraction / Paper 53 app
  The stylus is fabulous.... The vareation in line quality was beautiful in the sketch. I wish I had a larger screen to work on. I love the paper 53 app but it does have its problems. You can't save your work before closing the page and sometimes when you swipe the page it left marks that I didn't want and you can't erase without taking everything off. I'd love to make prints. Does anyone know how to go about this? Please leave a comment if you do.

Sincerely,  Karen

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  1. Karen
    I am just blown away by what you and Karen Cole are doing with this app!!! Bravo! In regard to my Monarch project, I'd love to send your students some packets of milkweed seed to begin 'spreading' the word and the seed about the environmental issues with the threat to migration. Email me your snail mail, it won't be for a couple of months, I'm working on a source for seeds now.



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