Wednesday, June 17, 2009

China Plates and Charles Lamb

An orginal hand bound copy of "Roast Pig & Other Essays"
by Charles Lamb.
China cup by Royal Albert

I found this delightful plate at a Flea Market.
For me it symbolized the special relationship women share.

My favorite American China by Georgian.
It was given to me by a wonderful woman named Donna.
If only you could see her collection of China.

My wedding China... Minton

My favorite piece of China.
Another treasure from Donna.

I first visited Elizabeth’s blog, “About New York” after viewing fellow blogger, Leslie’s post on Plates. Leslie had written that Elizabeth just launched a cross-blog posting on “Favorite Plates.” Hmm, I’ve collected a few nice plates, this might be fun.
After reading Elizabeth’s first sentence; “Like Charles Lamb, I like old china. I like new china too.” I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew who Charles Lamb was and had just written a note to myself to find his essays to read over the summer.
This would be my next Art Adventure. First find a book by Charles Lamb and then find my notes on how to take Still Life photographs. For those of you who know me you’re probably thinking sure Karen, you’re married to a commercial photographer we know who’ll be taking your photographs. Sorry he’s much to busy.
As luck would have it the following day when I walked into school I was greeted by my friend Brian, our school librarian. I inquired about Charles Lamb; did he have any books written by the British author? We couldn’t believe our luck, tucked away was an original hand bound copy of “Roast Pig & Other Essays”. No one had taken out the book in thirty years and Brian was surprised he had kept it. Guess what the last essay in the book was titled? “I like China.”
The following day I started creating five separate still life arrangements, one for each of my plates and the book. Yes I was rather nervous about turning off the auto pilot on my camera. Thank goodness my husband agreed to offer advice, hold the white foam board and let me borrow a tripod.
I hope you enjoy the photos of my plates and the story. Like Charles Lamb, I also like old China.


  1. Looks good Mom. I can't wait to read the book by Charles Lamb!

  2. What a super post and what beautiful china!
    I hope you had the chance to read the Charles Lamb essay. I always found it very touching.
    And your photographs are stunning.
    Lots of us including
    are featurung MUGS on Monday 22nd.Care to join us?

  3. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the visit.

    I love looking through your posts about your classes. It brings me back to the day of reading my School Arts Magazines. Do they still publish?
    Looks like you have a great teaching situation and some awesome china.

  4. Wow Karen! You have such beautiful china, and I love your photographs! Wonderful, wonderful! I'm so glad you posted your plates.



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