Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My first give away...

I've had so much fun making these graffiti tree ornaments!
So much so I don't know what to do with them all.
Tis the season, I decided to have a give away.
Leave me a note about your favorite holiday adventure by December 16th.
I will choose one randomly and another based on the most creative response.
If your not a blogger and can't post the response just send me an e-mail.


  1. Karen,

    My favorite adventurous holiday memory is going to the Adirondacks with my husband's family to celebrate Christmas in a log cabin
    (owned by the Shortslef's). After freezing the entire night, I woke up feeling a little creature at the foot of our bed...surprise it was a mouse! I HATE rodents Spiders I can handle, NOT RODENTS! Merry Christmas Barb S

  2. Cool! I've never seen a graffitti-inspired Christmas ball before. Very stylin'!

  3. Karen,

    I can't tell you how excited I am to have you join the Creative Tuesdays i just looked at your art and it is simply amazing. Perhaps a little intimidating :) but definitely inspiring which is exactly what we all need. the point is tat we use that creativity and let it channel into other areas of our life as that extra bost we all need. I just adore your landscape painting with the trees and gold frame and then your depictions of that shed in the various approaches. How very clever.

    Thank you too for the icon on the side bar. I have duly noted that as another entry in the drawing along with your one when you postyour art. Just be sure to let me know so I can add you to the side bar and mention it on the post for the 29th.

    Thank yo again, I can't wait to see what you come up with for FESTIVE!

    Now, to this post: love those baubles. very creative indeed. Hmmm...adventurous holiday memory? Well, you didn't say which holiday so should I assume you mean xmas only or can I take it literally? I have tons for the latter.

    Well, here's on for Christmas: when I was a teenager one of the years we wetn to my Aunt and uncles for xmas dinner, my uncle was left in charge of finding the Turkey. He figured it would be no problem, being that we all lived in central London which is, after all, the centre of the universe! (Yes, sorry, more so than even NY!) :) Anyway, no turkey. Finally, Christmas morn he brings home two tiny Cornish hens which my Aunt duly cooked up, looking rather pathetic and small compared to the mounds of mash and potatoes, and other goodies. Still, I must say, it was actually jolly good...the few mouthfuls we had, that is! Go figure.

  4. You look good in your 15 minutes of fame!!

    So many wonderful holiday adventures, we've been at the ocean, in the mountains...Santa Fe, tonight Tess is hosting the Restoration Hardware christmas party here, that's got to go down in the record books I'm guessing...

    p.s. just saw that you are reading Water Touching Stone, I loved this one too...I just checked out Prayer of the Dragon, a brand new one.

  5. Karen,
    What a cool tree! You are VERY talented.
    I found your blog through Hot Toast & Jam.
    My most memorable Christmas is yet to come. It will be this year. This will be my first Christmas with my new husband. And we will be spending it with both our families.
    Good to meet you : )

  6. I went and got an enormous tree one year and the angel couldn't fit on top!
    Virginia Griepp

  7. This is such wonderful !!
    Love it.
    However , I miss this giveaway .



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