Sunday, May 9, 2010

Having the best weekend

Melanie is a former student that is graduating from Alfred University next weekend, with a degree in Graphic Design.
Yesterday was the opening day of her Senior Thesis Art Show. My husband Chris and I drove three hours to surprise her.

The proud and very tired almost graduate.

Her cell phone never stopped ringing as friends called to congratulate her.

Did I mention she was one of my favorites!

Her Dad flew in from Michigan.

My husband the photographer had to take a creative shot to celebrate the day.

Friday night was also another of my favorite students Senior Art show in Rochester.
Jenn is graduating with a degree in photography from Brockport college. Would you believe that neither Chris or I had cameras. Luckily Jenn is in town and I'm planning on going back to the gallery with her and my camera to document the event.
Every Art teacher should be so lucky to have such wonderful students as these young ladies. I feel so honored to still be a part of both their lives.


  1. Ohhh, I think your students are just as lucky to have YOU! I used to work as a class assistant in the photography department at the Ontario College of Art & Design, in Toronto. It was one of my most favourite jobs ever. I LOVED being surrounded by so much creativity on a daily basis.

  2. Isn't that wonderful to see your protoges (sp?) going on to do exciting creative work!

    Hope you enjoyed a happy mothers day...


  3. Wow, how great that you were able to be with your students, they will never forget that you were there for them. Happiness and spride flows from these photographs! roxanne

  4. That was a very exciting event. You must be so happy to be with your students once again.



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