Sunday, July 25, 2010

Best Friend / Loyal Companion

Can you tell that I'm been having fun this weekend by catching up on art projects for my family. This is for my niece Lauren. Her best friend and loyal companion, Baci. I hope she likes it?

I asked her to write down a few things she loves about Baci. This quote was from her sister Emily who I think loves Baci as much as Lauren. Lauren travels a lot and Emily helps out by taking care of the big guy. Emily I'm going to make you a print too.


  1. Hello! So sorry it's been so long again since I've been by. Life has been keeping me incredibly busy! Ugh!

    As always, love your artwork. And yes, it does look like you're having a good time. Looking forward to catching up on your blog and seeing more art.

  2. WHAT a lovely lovely tribute to that sweet furbaby! I adore it! THANKS so much for your sweet comment on my rock! ...New follower!

  3. How can she not love this...the happy blue dog!!


  4. You sure captured that happy lab look! How wonderful!


  5. tha tis one well drawn pup. so lively looking adn love the colors you used here too. :)

    The icon looks good btw on your green background. Should be easy for people to see and come over to learn more about you with that fun interview. Thank you.



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