Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ink drawings for the Rhinebeck Inn

I was commissioned to paint four paintings for the Rhinebeck Inn.
This is a detail from the Deer Hill suite.
This is the Rye Field suite.

An another view of the Rye Field room.
This is the Spirited Dove suite.
A detail of the old chest from the Spirited Dove room, did you notice the date? The inn keeper didn't ask for a painting of the antique chest. It was so lovely I couldn't help myself. This ones for me.
The Plow & Harrow is the final suite.
Tomorrow I will start adding the watercolor, and by the end of the week you will see the final paintings.


  1. They are marveolous. I love that 3rd one down the most. :) Happy Saturday!

  2. Oh I can;t wait to see these finished, Karen. They are gogin to be incredible, i just know it. I absolutely LOVE these drawings. The curtain alone in that top drawing is amazing. Wow. So simple, light and fluid but so detailed too. you are crazy relented. I am envious. :) This place will def. benefit from your drawings.

  3. These are so wonderful. I love your style of drawing.



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