Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tribute to my husband

Sometimes we are so busy in our daily routines we forget to notice the accomplishments and talent of the people we live with. I must admit, the past few months have been crazy at home. Everyone is busy pursuing their dreams. Notes are posted on the refrigerator or left on the table with messages reading, can you pick me up? I'll be here, don't forget... You get the idea, we have all been there.
Well, one person in our home quietly goes about his day, walks the dog, makes dinner, picks up our son after late night rehearsals and spends countless hours in his home studio glued to the computer editing his photographs. The photographs will be used for ads and websites that he designs for clients.
I almost never look at what he's working on because I'm caught up with teaching, painting, blogging, housework, or driving our son all over town. This morning, as I was checking the latest news on "facebook," our good friend and Glass Artist, Nancy Gong had posted a link to her website with photographs of a recent installation. I followed the link to her new page. I stared with amazement at the beautiful architectural photographs and the gorgeous design of the new page. Good heavens, I discovered that the work was produced by my very own husband. Wow!
So today I'm spotlighting a very talented artist who shares his life with me, my husband, Chris Maggio. Your talent and creativity far exceeds anything I could create. I'm so proud of you!
Chris just finished-up the Erie Station Village website, and just started a site this morning, you can probably see a beta page at Zweigles.


  1. What wonderful work your husband does! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What beautiful photographs and websites. How lucky you are to live with such a talented husband! He is truly talented.

  3. Such a talented family! I love this story too. My husband is a speaker/trainer, I've seen emails and letters praising him for his work and I've never seen him do his thing. A good reminder to make an effort to go watch him some day soon!!

    nice work Chris

  4. lovely websites, talent in abundance!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I feel much the sae way about Ireland, maybe we have a genetic memory?

  5. Aw, what a loving post! It's evident that you are very proud of your husband and his work. I used to assist advertising photographers and know how much work happens behind the camera and on computer in order to get THE perfect shot for the client. Your husband has a great portfolio. I like the crop duster cool must it have been to shoot that!

  6. What a loving post indeed. he msut be so proud to have you along by his side! so good to take the time out to acknowledge things lie this...adn talented too. how lovely is that?

  7. Hey, I love your acorn pics! You should check out one of my favorite children's books, 'Mole Music,' for a wonderful progression that 1) an acorn and 2) a charming mole, take. I think it might be out of print; I've had to do some creative searching to buy extra copies (to give away)... but it's worth it.



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