Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Journaling and Therapy

It seems 2011 has become the year for Art Journaling. I have joined two groups, The Sketchbook Challenge and Strathmore's (Free) online workshop series. This months theme for the Sketchbook Challenge is "Highly Prized" and over at Strathmore's workshop, Pam Carriker is explaining her process for recycling old journal pages.
Many of you know I have been slowly recovering from pneumonia and decided that journaling about that would work best for me. With that said my lungs are very highly prized and to make this work with Pam's workshop, I will recycle this journal page using her technique's. After 8 weeks of having no energy, I'm finally feeling better and so ready to start creating again.


  1. Pneumonia???????? How did I miss that news???????? I had walking pneumonia in the fall of 2009 and it was AAAAAAAAAAWFUL! I can't imagine what the full blown thing must have been like. Poor you! WOW!

  2. So glad you are in the recovery phase, Karen. I have had Pneumonia and it is completely draining.

    This page is beautiful and speaks volumes just in the self portrait alone.

    Feel better soon!!!!

  3. Your journal seems like the perfect outlet for your frustration. It's beautiful! I'm glad you're feeling better. That is a long time to feel under the weather!

  4. I love the idea of recycling the journal pages...

    Happy that you are getting your energy back and that you are finding the journal as way to healing.




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