Sunday, October 9, 2011

Early morning run

 What a beautiful start to our morning run.
 My running partner

Someone actually left these pumpkins on the trail. I hope they stay there.


  1. karen,
    your running route is beautiful! I ran into a post on another blog once where people bring their carved pumpkins after halloween along a stretch of road...all lined up...slowly sinking in on themselves as they rot. It was a lovely site!

  2. Well, I don;t like running much but that scenery would definitely make it easier, let me tell you1 As it is, I stick to a treadmill.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I'm closing Hot Toast and Jam so thought you might enjoy its last post.

    I'll still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway!) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

    Let me just say then, thank you for your support along the way with CT -- maybe you will contribute now and then over there? Here's wishing you the best until we chat again. :)

  3. Karen,
    Wow, our experiences are alike. I am in Ohio, and posted running pictures from Saturday morning. Your dirt path looks lovely and great to run on, and your partner - ooh, I'm jealous. That's some dog.




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