Sunday, April 22, 2012

"East meets West" Opening Reception

 Mrs. Grow, the Principal at Eastridge, and Mr. Crane the Superintendent at Irondequoit were among the first visitors to arrive at the opening.
 Mrs. Maggio and Mrs. Spaker
 Supportive family, friends and teachers.
 My student Ian with his family. He will be attending Rhode Island School of Design in the fall.
Congratulations Ian!!!
 Eastridge Musicians entertained us.  Played all evening, they were amazing!!!
 Amanda and her best friend.
 Performance Artist from West Irondequoit. He stood their all evening...
 Mr.Friedel and his family enjoying the show.
 Emily, you're to cute!!!
 Damian and his mom by his artwork.
 Hayden and Paul still playing. You should have seen the crowd hanging around to listen to these very talent young men.
Emily and her mom enjoying the music.

What a great night!!! Bravo to all involved

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  1. Wonderful show, wonderful children, I have received from the show great fun!. My small studio participants 4-6 years. And we love to paint! Greetings from St. Petersburg! Olga.



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