Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gallery Weekend Fun

 First stop this past weekend was visiting artist, Charlotte Barnard Nws art show at I-Square gallery. Mothers day gift to myself... painting by Charlotte and one of her fabulous hats!! Just call me the "Mad Hatter."
 Luciano and Minnie Driver enjoying art work by one of our favorite artists, Zanne Brunner. She and several other artists are showing their work this month at the Black Radish Gallery.

 Richard Harvey, "Good Friday"

 Richard Harvey, "Primal Boy"

 Small works by Bill Stewart, "Caveman, 2 Ducks, Red nose, and Jailbird."
 Detail of Caveman. Just love the texture.

 Detail of Bill Stewart's "Sandman/Shaman"

 Bill Stewart, "Sandman/Shaman" The legs actually move. Love it!

Jennifer Schinzing "Found squirrel, sculpted glass." If you know me well you can guess why this is my favorite piece. he he

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