Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stages of the Process for 2013

 A work in progress, don't worry that back ground sky won't stay blue.

 Just love the blue green leaves of Agave.

 They may look like pumpkins now but they are golden barrel cacti.


 You might remember last fall that I used photo's from a trip out west as inspiration  to create several paintings for a landscape show that I was in. It brought back such wonderful memories, along with a new found love for cactus/succulents that I've started collecting them.  I've taken and collected photographs of different cactus and decided to created a new series of paintings.
 As you can see I always start with black line to create the abstracted form, and than start adding color with oil pastel. I'm so excited with these beginnings I've decided to post my process.
Last year I neglected my blog a bit so documenting the painting process might be a great  way to jump start the blogging process again.
Hope you enjoy. 

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