Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watkins Glen, iPhone, and a Fish Eye Lens

My daughter, Jessie and her boyfriend, Mark are visiting from South Carolina. We have spent the week introducing  Mark to our favorite places in Upstate New York. Yesterday was a trip to the Watkins Glen Gorge.  I thought this would be a great location to play with three lenses I purchased from Photojojo for my iPhone. I took over 50 photographs and asked my husband, the Professional Photographer to select and critique my work. These are his favorite pics from the day. My favorite lens was the Fisheye.
The picture of the weathered doors was taken when we decided to take the Indian Trail  back down  the Gorge.

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  1. Watkins Glen looks like a magical place. You walk behind the waterfall? I've only been a bit upstate, not even sure if it's considered upstate...Storm King Art that place!

    have a great weekend!



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