Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 4 in the Studio

It's -1 degrees outside this morning, so glad they decided to close school today, burr.You would think I would sleep in on such a bitter cold morning. But not me I'm such a creature of habit or should I say my dog is  we were both up at 5 am and I was in my studio with coffee in hand by 6:30am. I really am crazy!
After looking at the blog post yesterday I realized the color values in the first cactus painting were nicer than what was changed over the weekend. So that's where I started working today.

Its not finished yet. I'm not happy about those warm blue cactus and felt myself getting frustrated. That's a sign it's time to take a break. I took a photograph which always seem to help me see things differently. Tomorrow I'll look at it with fresh eyes and figure out what to do. Who said painting was easy? Make a mental note to self. "Don't stay away from the studio so long!!"

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