Monday, September 14, 2009

The Long, Tall & Skinny Journal

My book measures 11 3/8 x 4 3/4"

forty six pages of collage

Page one, notice the type in the top left corner.
(I like old things)

I'm being very brave and sharing my second attempt at bookmaking with you.
If you look closely you will notice that my pages stuck together. :(
I spent all Saturday making my collages . Forty six pages of delight...
Yesterday they were crunchy but seemed dried so I bound them together with mat medium and clamped everything together.
This morning I ran down to my studio to check out the book. I almost started to cry... all the pages had stuck together. I gently tired to pull them apart, but as you can see there are torn pieces.
Just when the tears were about to flow, I noticed the copy on the first page. "I like old things." Do you think this was a sign from the universe? The pages do look old.
If your wondering what I used to glue my collage with, it was polymer medium. I think it was the polymer that caused the sticking and I forgot to put wax paper between the pages. You can be sure that will never happen again.


  1. I love your book! It turned out beautifully . . . I have yet to finish mine. Maybe the time will be found today.

  2. You book is coming along nicely. I liked how your page looked after the pages stuck together. Sometimes best things come from making a mistake.
    Looking foward to your progress.
    Take care.

  3. ooops, my comment went missing,

    I like the size of your book and I don't mind the little pieces that tore off and stuck to the other.

    I'm always sticking pages together....

  4. What a wonderful book - I like the torn effect, and the collage style.

    And the dimensions - ergonomically designed for a giraffe :) Wish you could come over to Camelopardalis and make us some!

  5. What an unusual, but lovely shape to work with.
    I see you are reading a Persephone book.
    I'm quite addicted to all their titles.
    The Priory was my favorite.

  6. I also like the dimensions of this book. It's too bad about the pages sticking, but it really isn't distracting, from what I see here.

    I like the balance of your pages.



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