Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Semester Pastry Creations

Our oldest son Gian-Patrick is a first semester pastry student at Johnson & Wales.
During the past two months he has proudly sent us photographs of his creations.
This week he e-mailed us a few more and warned ME that he had better see his pictures on my blog.
You are probably thinking "hey mom why haven't you posted his work?"
Story be told Gian has been taking pictures of his work using his cell phone and for some reason Johnson & Wales doesn't have a food stylist hanging around to accessorize and glamorize. I must also tell you that Gian comes from a family of prestigious photographers. For some reason he forgot to take the necessary equipment to light the shots. With that being said, his father and I with the help of photoshop, spent three hours this morning trying to enhance his work for all to view.
We are VERY proud of Gian and look forward to Thanksgiving when he comes home.
We are planning on buying him a camera and a book on food styling. Ha ha
Hope you enjoy.


  1. Nice job Gian. They look yummy. can't wait to eat them!!

  2. Gian,

    Great job on the pastry! It appears that your college career is going well.

    We wish we had fancy desserts like these in a pasty shop in Sayre.



  3. These look glorious - I'm sure Girth would love Gian to give a demonstration at the restaurant in Neckelchester!

  4. Oh boy, do those look delicious!

  5. Well I guess we know who will be making the desserts for Christmas dinner:)They look great Gian.

  6. Very Nice!! I'll buy a slice for $2. Love Grandma

  7. Gian

    Deserts look awesome....when do we eat!

    Site is very cool...really enjoyed it!

    Red-neck Cousin Stan

    PS Willing to share my favorite vension recipes with ya....Peace-Out



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