Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Keep working in my studio... Maybe look a bit happier. :)

One sketch a day.

Well maybe two if it's a weekend...

Add color and mix it up a bit.

Create a series or body of work. I'm thinking a bird house / house series.

Incorporate my series into Mr. Toast's, Creative Tuesday.
Here is a sneak peek of an illustration I'm working on for next Tuesday's challenge
based on the word Cheerio.
Wow, I haven't done anything realistic in awhile. I'm also working in watercolor. Tomorrow my Painting class will be starting a unit on Watercolor, so I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on my techniques.
I really do love being a high school Art teacher. It has its ups and downs but when you get a group of students that want to learn it only inspires me to push myself to learn new things.
Which leads me to my next resolution/challenge. I would like to make a couple of on-line videos teaching a few techniques I've learn along my artistic journey. I'm thinking a short printmaking lesson. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Those are inspiring resolutions! It's great to see your work, and you at work in your studio. Hope 2010 is a wonderful creative year for you!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Your studio looks very inviting.
    I work at a school too and I'm back tomorrow helping out in the textile and art classes.
    Your sketch books are looking exciting and I will be visiting again soon.x

  3. All good resolutions! Your drawings are lovely and the added color makes for really beautiful little paintings.

    I try to do something everyday in my journal...polishing up my actual drawing skills would be great.

    here's to a creative 2010!

  4. I was just going to turn in for th enight and am glad I came over ehre to see hwo you are doing. I LOVE this post and senak peak at tyour Cheerios entry. it's gogin to be great. Can't wait to see it completed.

    I'm so glad you can incorporate your art into the Creative tuesdays thing too. If oyu know of any other bloggers who wold liek to join in, would you please email invite them? I realy want to get as muc variety as possible.

    As you'll see on my blog, we already have some entried for Cheerios up on peep's blogs. Fun stuff. Alos, the fisrt kickoff drwaing winner has been annoucned. It wil be fun doing the package. Cant wait to do it --maybe one day it will be for you? that woudl be fun too.

  5. your cheerio illustration is looking good, can't wait to see it in color

  6. I love seeing you working in your studio, and the projects that you are working on... the video's sound like a great idea. I want to do some too, but with my little students, I hope your new year is wonderful! roxanne

  7. It is always so interesting to have a peep into another studio. I know quite a few art teachers who struggle to find time to work on their own projects, I think they put all their creative energy into inspiring their students so you are doing well to keep up with your own art.

    The instructional videos sound interesting!

  8. Happy New Year to you, too! A sketch-per-day, adding colour and creating a new body of artwork are all terrific New Year's resolutions. And I'm so with you on learning how to make online videos. Yes, please show us a tutorial on printmaking or whatever else you have up your creative sleeve. Btw, I'm reading a Dr.Oz book on staying young and one of the things he recommends to keep our minds young and our memory good is to teach a tutorial.



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