Saturday, January 30, 2010

Meet my Hobgoblin, Hextilda.

We call her Hesse for short.

Hesse was inspired from a comment left by my blogger friend,
Valerie of acornmoon.
When Valerie saw the four drawings that I had created for Mr. Toasts "Creative Tuesdays",
she wrote that the word hobgoblin came to mind.
Well the next thing I knew I was researching hobgoblins and even goggled old medieval names for my hobgoblin. My daughter, Jessie and I choose Hextilda, Hesse.
As some of you might know a hobgoblin is a type of fairy. They are the good natured version of a goblin. Our Hesse is friendly and even helpful at times, but she does love to steal/borrow things, like my favorite red i-pod that has gone missing somewhere in my studio.
She is very fashion conscience and is always tearing up our fashion magazines.
I've been busy sketching her in all the latest fashion trends and cleaning up lipstick kisses that she is leaving for us all over the house.


  1. I wonder if Hesse has been in Colorado? I have misplaced soooo many things that are missing, I've been blaming this on my 'getting older' brain...

  2. she is so stylish!!!

  3. I too think that Hesse is making the rounds. My iPod is missing as well.



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