Friday, February 5, 2010

Artful Girlfriends

Our first adventure as artful girlfriends was a road trip to Buffalo last March.
We had such a wonderful art filled day visiting several of Buffalo's Art galleries.
A few months ago we got together and Zanne had a wonderful idea that the three of us should met on a regular basis to share our artwork and ideas.
Two weeks ago, we met in my studio for the first time. We shared our sketchbooks, worked on art projects and helped Zanne upload photos of her work onto her new art blog, ZenZappa.
We were so busy that day I forgot to take pictures so I used pictures from our first trip last March to document our day in a journal page.

Today was our second meeting. Zanne welcomed us into her home and studio, treating us to a delicious brunch.

Lisa and Zanne

Zanne, and I with Fern, Zanne's very lovable dog who wanted to be in the pictures.

Lisa and I.
Lisa loves to write poetry and just joined a poetry group.
Next month I'll remember to include a piece of her work.

Lisa and Zanne

A page from Zanne's sketchbook.

and one from my sketchbook.

We had so much fun sharing creative ideas and lots of laughter.
I can't wait till we meet again.


  1. First time visiting here..Beautiful art and photograph...It's so endearing to see such friendship...

  2. It's a pity I live so far away!
    I would love it.x
    lovely pictures of you and your friends.

  3. Hey Karen,
    Your blog looks great, images and words brought tears to my eyes... hard for this to occur in this german/scot elder woman.
    Thank you.
    Later sister, zzz

  4. Thank you so much for voting for the bees !

  5. Hi Karen, thanks for visiting and the tip about the medium. I am just a beginning art and have much to year. I am living on the idea that learning new things will keep the dreaded "A" away. I am old as dirt and don't want any "A". A great blog you have.

  6. Karen,
    There is nothing better than art gatherings with girlfriends! Thanks so much for sharing the painting behind the fireplace and your lovely faces!!

  7. I LOVE gatherings like this! Nice to see your pretty self and friends.

  8. Oh that sounds so fun adn that food delicious! It;s sort of like a Creative Tuesday materialized to the 3d world. thanks for sharing. Hope you have many more to come!



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