Friday, February 12, 2010

Abstraction and Graffiti

First in my series of hearts.
Second painting in the heart series.

"Graffiti Acorns"
Loving this piece, but its a work in process that still needs more work...
writing, images and cooler colors.

Graffiti background with doodles .
Another piece still in progress.

I just love acorns and designed a new one to use in my latest graffiti paintings.
I scanned the first drawing and changed the size so they could be cut up and use in my sketch book as I play around with design possibilities.
Looking forward to next week as we have a break from school,
and I can play in my studio each day...


  1. Happy Vacation... you sooo deserve this. I like your paintings... How big are they? You have lots of action happening and your color sense is very sensitive almost Spring like. Also there is a confidence here, Very nice work.

  2. Nice paintings, Karen. I particularly love the little repetitive sketches of the acorn. Great detail.

    Looks like you had some great times with your friends as well.

  3. I love seeing your work in different phases of completion, and the first two in your heart series. I didn't get to paint this weekend. You make me miss it! roxanne

  4. I see a face in the first abstract picture.
    Enjoy your break and have fun in your studio.x

  5. Hi there, I have had a bit of a break from blogging recently and have only just seen your Hobgoblin. So they really do exists and now I know just what they look like!

    I love your acorns too.



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