Saturday, June 5, 2010

162 Cambridge, England

I've finally finished painting all of my daughter Jessie's favorite pictures from her trip to Cambridge last year. We found four wooden frames at the "Christmas Tree Shop" for just three dollars and ninety nine cents each. I painted them a neutral color and aged them a bit for that Shabby Chic look she just loves. There looking very nice on the wall in her bedroom.
I must admit they are just so fun! I can't stop looking at them.
Hope you are enjoying this lovely weekend.


  1. This is simply amazing and breathtaking. Seriously! Your paintings are beautiful. I bet your daughter is really blessed. :)

  2. Hello,
    These must have taken you ages,so much intricate detail.
    Your daughter must be delighted.
    M x

  3. That is simply an amazing illustration. I love your style. Very deserving of a Cambridge setting.

  4. Hi Karen, I would love to see a photo of them in their frames. I love the Cambridge painting above.



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