Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Taste of my own Medicine

The Finished oil painting for Virginia

Can you see the difference?

My students will love this story. Last week I thought the second picture in this post was finished. I wanted it to be finished, it needed to be finished, this painting is a gift for a wedding that is next weekend. I kept looking at it...willing it to look right. But the teacher in me was not happy. That little voice in my head kept telling me that the reflection in the water was not right and it must be corrected.
Just like my students I heard myself saying " Its just fine, your being to picky, so it looks like a bush no one will know the difference and I'll ruin it if I try to fix it." In the end my teacher voice won out and I went back into the painting and smoothed out the water, and it does look better.

To my students, I'm so glad I listened to my teacher voice, isn't it nice to know that I even drive myself crazy! Hope you enjoyed.


  1. I like too how the backgroudn water is darker too--gives more depth and is less busy in the water so one can focus on the foreground more. NICE job!

  2. I wish I had arty friends who would make paintings for me! Gorgeous! jan

  3. Thanks, but I'm lucky to have a friend like Virginia. She showed the owner the watercolor of the Inn and I was just commissioned to paint four paintings for her. PS; Virginia paid me for the oil:)

  4. I am in awe of you amazing is beautiful!

  5. Lovely work, I am sure your gift will be treasured. How nice that you were on hand to give yourself good advice!

  6. I am glad that we artists can be our own worst enemies. I was looking back at your sketch of this, love it, and when you paint, I might suggest you begin with what you fear first, do you put in a greige undertone...
    that helps me to really get the shadows and the light.
    What a sweet gift.

  7. Lucky bride and groom who will be receiving this painting on their wedding day! I know that inner voice well...that voice that says, it's not quite right yeeet. Sometimes I just want to tell that inner voice what she can do her opinions! Good for you for listening to your inner voice and making the changes in your artwork to your satisfaction. Your friends are going to love your gift to them.

  8. très joli endroit pour peindre .. et belle interprétation!



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