Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Watercolor Deer Hill

Here is the final watercolor of the Deer Hill suite at
The old Rhinebeck Inn.
I also posted the ink drawing again so you could see the process.
After loading the pictures I realized I should have included the two thumbnail color studies that were done before working on the final piece.
Just love the head board, look at all the detail.


  1. I like the line drawing the best, maybe because the line is so decorative.

    Great sunflower images below!

  2. I love your style! And I would love to see that room. Thanks for sharing your pen and ink as well as your painting.... both very expressive and free. I am starting school tomorrow. How about you? roxanne

  3. What an inviting room! I'd like to be there!

  4. I love the detail...the pattern of the ink drawing really draws me in.

    and the playtime in the sunflowers, how fun was that!

  5. this is darling, Karen. you are so talented. I love usual.

  6. I just look ed at this again--so incredible. Wow. i love your style. I'd love to buy this one, if I coudl. it is AMAZING!!!

    Do you start in pencil and then go back over it with pen? What kind of pens?



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