Sunday, September 26, 2010

Color Theory and the Recipe Book

This summer I took another on-line class with Alisa Burke called "Color your World." It's a fun class on color theory, and even though I have my masters in painting I knew Alisa would come up with something new that would excite both my students and I. I'm not giving away any secrets you'll have to take her course.
The past few weeks I've been super busy revamping all my classes. One of the projects has been designing a new way to incorporate the sketchbook into my curriculum. No longer is the sketchbook used for homework rather it has become my students' "Recipe Book." All instruction for new projects will be recorded in the Recipe Book.
As you can tell from the photo, our first project was reviewing color theory.

The students are now ready to paint, and we are using our recipe book to record the process. This is the example I shared with the students last week.

This week, students will be selecting a color scheme of their choice and creating a color palette of it in their recipe book. Its very important that they record what colors were used to create the palette. I keep reminding them in ten years they will be able to come back to their book to see the recipe for their first painting.
After each project, students hand in their book and art work for grading. So far the recipe book idea is working great! Hope you all enjoyed the glimpse into my classroom.

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  1. I did enjoy the glimpse into your classroom. You are instilling habits that they will carry into the rest of their lives.

    I love the idea of a sketchbook as a recipe is indeed that.




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