Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love Fall &Painted Newspaper

Just love the colors of fall leaves. After my morning run the other day, I spent time collecting a few samples to use in my sketchbook.

Better yet I decided to illustrate the leaves with a few of my favorite acorns on old newspaper.

I don't know what it is about recycling newspaper. But it has become one of my favorite papers to paint and draw on. I have a wall of papers in my studio just waiting for me to find of a good use for. Bare with me you will see where this is going.

"Unusual Fun"
3 x 4.5'
acrylic and mixed media
The start of a new series of larger paintings.

Just love the Fall colors. Inspiration from the leaves.

Close up of the recycled paper that was added to the painting.

A good friend asked me to apply for membership to the "Arena Art Group" awhile back. The Arena Art Group is a club for contemporary artists. At the time I didn't have an idea for a new series of artwork to show them, but maybe I have an idea.
I love unusual combination's and this week decided to paint a pepper and peach. Looking around the studio for something to add to the painting my eyes rested on all the hand painted newspapers hanging on the wall. Why not collage my newspapers to the painting.
To my students, keeping a sketchbook/journal is a wonderful way to record what inspires you and sometimes leads to bigger ideas.


  1. I came from Mmm blog, and love your beautiful array of Fall and all the colors. Very brilliant.

  2. Such beautiful colors... wonderful inspiration!

    I used newsprint drawing pads in college, but I've never actually used newspaper - I'll have to give that a try :)

  3. Oh, beautiful leaves and journal pages, and I love your new series, the reds and oranges and even the blue you chose for the background. roxanne

  4. I started a sketchbook journal but then let it go. I MUST get back to it. Including my sketchbook project! aahaa! :)

  5. MAGNIFICENT ART...the little art doll is gorgeous! I want to see more :)
    All my best

  6. I love that unusual combo of fruit and veg and the paper too. nice job. All good words here too to your student. Need to do that myself more as well, in fact.

    I will skip the leaves here though--pretty much only gold, as lovely as those aspen can be.



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