Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Video (Lync's instinct test for herding)

This is my first attempt at making a video. Eventually I would like to produce small video clips featuring local artist for my art students. Sorry about the lack of sound... it was such a windy day that all you could hear was the wind so it was turned down. I'm taking baby steps with editing. Hopefully, by next spring you will see a big improvement.

Saturday we took our two year old German Shepherd, Lync vom Fichtenschlag , to "White Clover Sheep Farm" in the Finger Lakes. He was there for an instinct test to evaluate whether or not he has potential as a herding dog. By passing the test, he can start training to earn an HGH herding title with Ulf Kintzel, the owner and trainer at White Cover Sheep Farm. Lync is from a long line of protection Shepherds from Germany, and I'm pretty sure he had never seen a cow let alone sheep. It was quite an experience, and yes he did have that natural instinct to patrol and one day herd sheep. Lync will be a true German shepherd working dog.


  1. I need to learn how to do this too. It looks like your dog may make the grade, mine however would be rubbish! I suppose it's all in the breed.

    I was interested to hear about your Gordon Setter, they are so handsome, I am sure you still miss yours.

  2. Good for Lync! Atticus tries to herd the people in the house (wants everyone in the same room), but his hips would prevent him from really herding. I'll bet Lync loves it!

  3. I had a GORGEOUS long haired German shephard but, poor thing, he had suffered from tick born disease and no way could have ever done all that hearding. he a was a bit deaf and had no sense of smell but the most darling, beautiful dog I've ever had...even with one eye blinded. Awww... miss him now.

    Looking forward to seeing video of artist's work as you get to that.



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