Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acorn looking Gourd

Students in my drawing class have been learning pen and watercolor techniques this week. Today was the first day of watercolor. Everyone was given one gourd and asked to sketch it, paint it and then ink it using a pen.
This gourd looked so much like an acorn I just had to share with you.

Last spring I purchased these en expensive opaque watercolor cakes from Sax's art supply catalog. A few of the colors look very similar.
Students were asked to paint a swatch of each color in their sketchbook, then # each color. This way they could record which colors were used for the painting. My recipe was written on the side.


  1. What a gorgeous painting. Truly gorgeous. jan

  2. I wish I was close enough to be one of your students. I would really love how to really dive into watercolours. Your art is always inspiring to me. :)

  3. Love the painting, and the gourd - what amazing shapes! Great idea to number the colours - I'll have to tell our daughter Nexi about this.

  4. I'm loving that acorn gourd. :) so, tell me, Karen, what do you think of these watercolour paints? i am looking to purchase some or drop hints to my kids for the holidays and have NO idea what would be good. I don;t want to be limited in colours but have a very tight budget too. any ideas are most welcome



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