Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fabric Dye with Resist

Two weeks ago I wrote about my new adventure working with fabrics showing you several of my ideas. Using some very old bee wax found in my classroom, I experimented with a batik style appling the wax to my fabric before dying the fabric. As you can see the wax was so old it stained the white fabric yellow. Yikes!!

This one I got a little to crazy with the wax, but did like the look of the larger bird house.

I poured out the old wax and donated it to the jewelery teacher and ordered soy wax. This is the second try using soy wax
A quick sketch using yellow paper with a new design for the larger house composition.

Using marker I will be adding detail to the fabric print and the design will be done using thread and freemotion stitching. I'm so excited! I have this week off from school and can't wait to draw and stitch on my dyed fabric.


  1. I have used the soy wax but not in such detail. I like the effect and look forward to seeing what you do with it. Enjoy your break. when I was teaching I enjoyed the march break very much.

  2. this takes me back to my school days and fun with batik and wax resist. I am sure you will inspire lots of future artists and designers.

  3. I think the yellow gives it an aged quality. Yes, textiles are fun :-)

    I am LOVING your sketches for this project, Karen.



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