Friday, February 25, 2011

Smiling from the Heavens

Ta Da... What do you think? Should I leave the little Batik bird houses as is or do you think I should mark them with pen like the larger bird house?
I loved this thread when I saw it at the store, but was a bit disappointed when the thread was black rather than blue. The black really points out the mistakes with my stitching.

Now I want to start the process all over again and try different colors. My husband can't get over how I have thrown myself into all this sewing. I quickly reminded him it is in my DNA. My grandmother was a master seamstress. During the Great Depression, she made a living using her sewing skills. She also made all my clothing when I was a little girl. Many of them were hand embroidered. She must be smiling from the heavens.
If anyone is curious where I am learning these wonderful techniques you must stop over to Linda and Laura Kemshall's website and join their Design Matters TV program. I've been following the mother and daughter team for years and can't say enough positive things about them.


  1. I think both look great. Really. And what a fabulous skill to have on hand. I need to get a sewing machine again and brush up on my own skills!

  2. I love the combination of batik and stitch.x

  3. I think I might mark the little houses with pen too.

  4. le batik est toujours parlant! beau..



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