Monday, June 24, 2013

iPhone Photography = Summer Fun

Last week I signed up for "SNAP SHOT Delight" an online class by Alisa Burke, which just happened to start on Friday, the last day of school for me. I couldn't wait to get home to check out the first week of inspiration!!  I uploaded all the applications she suggested and even ordered a few lenses for my iPhone. The next day when my husband,Chris and I went grocery shopping my iPhone was in hand. While Chris was doing the shopping, yours truly was busy photographing every display in the grocery store. When we got to the fish department I noticed how beautiful the fish were displayed, it was if they had styled them just for me! Of course we had to buy one. I may have looked crazy but have never had so much fun at the grocery store.
  At home I careful unwrapped the fish, and took a few photos, which were later handed over to my husband and put on the grill.
Thanks to Chris we had a delicious dinner that night, and thank you
 Alisa Burke, for creating Snap Shot Delight. My summer vacation is off to a wonderful start.

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