Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking the Dogs/Dog Inspirational iPhone Photos

I thought walking the dogs in the morning  would be a good way to gather inspirational photos  today. Well... walking with two dogs, trying to hold my iPhone, and carrying poop bags was a bit to challenging. I had to choose between Lync, the 100 lb German Shepherd or Minnie Driver the 15 lb Miniature Schnauzer. Poor Lync will have to wait for the evening walk.
I've decided to make folders to keep track of what I'm photographing. Food, Plants, Feet/Paws, and Shadows. I'm sure the folder list will grow when I start experiments with enhancement applications and Photoshop techniques.
Another goal for the summer is recording the process in my Journal/Sketchbook and finishing paintings that were started last fall. Paper work at school really took away from being creative this year, so glad its summer time.

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