Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Rare Look Into My Classroom

This is my HIGH ENERGY Studio Art class. They arrive to class after lunch and most of the time the volume level in the room is  louder then I would like. We recently started a new Color Unit combining Value, and Proportion. The students are creating Expressive Self  Portraits using a monochromatic color scheme that reflects their personality along with learning how to use a grid to enlarge their photograph onto watercolor paper.  They are so engaged in the project that you can almost hear a pin drop, so I decided to feature them on my blog. Maybe when they become celebrities around the school from this publicity they will be quitely engage in future endeavors.
Please leave comments to encourage all the effort they are putting into their art work. I'm very proud at what I'm seeing so far. Keep it up! .;))


  1. I hope they know how lucky they are to have you as their teacher, mentor, & I am sure friend as well. Your commitment, dedication and adventurous creativity shines through!

  2. These are great. They should be very proud of their Art and themselves. Also l hope they realise how lucky they are, to have you as a teacher. From a fellow artist and teacher!



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