Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Sketchs The Centerpiece

Well my still life is finally done but I'm sorry to report the photographs don't give it justice. I always try to take my photographs outside using natural light, but the weather combined with a busy schedule caused me to photograph when there wasn't sunshine resulting in flat lighting  The pictures look rather blue.
I tried my best to use Photoshop but I just could get them to look like the actual painting.
My husband, Chris is a commercial photographer so I asked him to scan the painting and do his magic in Photoshop. Unforunately he didn't have it done for Sunday Sketchs so I had to use my photos.:(
I plan on making prints and cards of the painting along with some very whimsical acorns for the holidays.
Chris is busy handling the scans and printing for those so we get the color just right.
Till then have a wonderful Sunday.



  1. It's a beautiful still life, Karen! I know what you mean...I sometimes have trouble with the camera interpreting the colours of a sketch correctly.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful, pretty, cool!
    How did you start this, drawing outlines with pencil or marker pen?
    I'd love to see a process how you work....

  3. The photos look ok to me. Thanks for showing us you sketch.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Karen. LOVE your pumpkins. You're inspiring me!! :)



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